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ABB Ability™ Predictive Maintenance for drives

Valuable insight to increase your process uptime

ABB Ability™ Predictive Maintenance service harnesses the combined power of cloud computing, machine learning and ABB’s expertise to propose highly targeted maintenance actions for critical drive applications – before any problems occur. This gives you better availability, longer process uptime, and peace of mind.


  • Avoid downtime – Applying the latest machine learning algorithms and analytics, we estimate drive component lifetimes and propose maintenance to reduce the risk of failure.

  • Cloud computing offers unique process insights – New possibilities to analyze big data mean more accurate tracking of trends, letting you predict potential problems in your drives and processes.

  • ABB Expertise is standing right by your side – ABB experts remotely monitor your drives' stress factors and provide proactive measures to optimize maintenance, reduce downtime, and enhance overall performance.

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ABB Ability™ Predictive Maintenance in practice

Site audit of the installed base

Together, you and local ABB experts go through your installed base on-site and
decide which drives to include in the subscription-based Predictive Maintenance

Remote connection installation and activation

ABB service engineers install the remote connection tool, to gather data about the drives and their surroundings. You agree on the date to activate the service, and ABB does the rest. It’s easy!

Continuous monitoring

ABB experts regularly monitor and analyze the data in the cloud, and then use their profound drive expertise to deliver actionable insight and propose improvements for your specific drives.

Analysis powered by algorithms

ABB’s cloud computing and machine learning facilities continuously analyze the performance and condition of your drives, learning to find even the slightest anomalies in your drives or in the surrounding processes.

Future planning

Local ABB specialists meet you regularly to discuss the performance of your drives, providing valuable knowledge for life cycle management and maintenance planning. The understanding of your drives and applications grows over time – you’ll be able to continuously improve the performance of your drives and processes, year after year.

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