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Retrofit service

Bringing drive technology up-to-date

Retrofit service is the fast and efficient way to modernize installed drives, bringing immediate performance improvements to your plant or process.

Your old generation multidrives such as Sami Star, ACV700 and ACS600 multidrives can easily be modernized to the newest ACS880 technology. This service is also available for drives other than ABB.


  • Reduced wastage -  By re-using the existing drive’s cabinet, cables and motors, the Retrofit service helps you retain more of your original investment.
  • Rapid deployment - ABB’s certified engineers are trained and available to carry out retrofits rapidly.
  • Reduced planned downtime - the Retrofit service can be carried out in line with your own production schedules.
  • Step by step installation - If you have a large drives installed base, the Retrofit service can be implemented in phases to avoid lengthy shutdowns.

Check drive type

ACV700 and SAMI STAR drives have reached the limited phase of their life cycle; now is the time to consider a retrofit kit.

Assess existing system with ABB

The service history of the current drive helps ABB engineers determine the retrofit options available for the above drive types.

Create engineering solution with ABB

Retrofit service is engineered to match the current system demands, often without updating external components.

Schedule installation

A schedule is agreed for the retrofit work to be undertaken.

Undertake installation and commissioning

The retrofit kit is modular to save installation time. The kit is then commissioned and tested by ABB to match the engineering design above. Installation can be implemented gradually following your production shutdown schedule.

Continue efficient operation

The drive system is restored into the active life cycle phase with full support, including spare parts and technical advice. The retrofit is supplied with one-year warranty.

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