ABB Lecture Series: Engineering Masterclass

ABB Engineering Masterclass: New Product Development and Implementation in Production (RTJ008)

Have you wondered how new product development (NPD) and its implementation (NPI) in the area of industrial technology production looks like? Now you have the chance to attend a lecture series that is called to life in collaboration between ABB and Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) to introduce this topic. Now we are in Tallinn Univesity of Applied Sciences (TKTK)!

Students of TKTK will be able to register themselves to the course via ÕIS platform.

Course code and name: RTJ008, New product development and implementation in production

Start date: 10.02.2022.

Lectures take place every Thursday at 4pm. You can access the lectures in Moodle with a key, which is sent to your email.

All lectures are going to be held in an online version: so you can re-watch lectures as many times as you wish.

Lectures will be held in English. Each subject will be introduced by a different field expert from ABB.


NB! Lectures were recorded last year.

1th Lecture: New Product Development Systems

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Carlos Nieto

ABB Global Technology Manager for Packaging and Solutions



The first lecture will be an introduction to the lecture series: the purpose and the methods. What is new Product Development, and how it works on a system level? What are the fundamental principles to ensure the flow in product development?

Our first lector is Carlos Nieto, the Global Technology Manager for Packaging and Solutions within ABB, where he leads the R&D organization. He will dive into product development and bring its insights from a solution perspective, considering the different interactions between customers, marketing, engineering, project management, and production.

2th Lecture: Project Management


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Sébastien Migeotte

Project Manager

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 Ants Kõks

 Project Manager


Nowadays, you see the job title „Project Manager“ everywhere. It goes from someone who schedules classes to people building new factories on another continent. In this lecture, we will talk about what Project Managers really do in the field of R&D and Engineered to Order businesses: What is their role? What are the key success factors? What kind of skill does a Project Manager need?

Our lectors are Sébastien Migeotte and Ants Kõks, who are both very experienced in Project Management and have plenty of tips and tricks from their field to share with you!

In a perfect world Project Management is a second step in a new product development, but in the real world something always comes up and that is also why in this lecture series we actually have project management topic as a third lecture.

3th Lecture: Voice of Customer

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 Enn Karin

 Factory Product Marketing Manager in ABB



This lecture is about Voice of Customer and has three main focuses, first ascertaining client's expectations and to adapt the approach of the company to the client's expectations. Then introducing the main metrics to be used in measuring customer satisfaction. Last, but not least, how client feedback is handled in ABB Way.

Our lector is Enn, who is Factory Product Marketing Manager. His daily responsibility is to manage the Product Marketing department in one of our business unit and all the activities related to sales and marketing.


4th Lecture: Software Development

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 Viktor Beldjajev

 Software Engineer



In this lecture you can learn more about software development. Our lector Viktor is responsible for the software development for the new generation ABB low voltage drives, particularly the ultra-low harmonic and regenerative drives. As a product owner, he gathers different inputs from stakeholders and works out the technical requirements to realize the product's critical needs. Viktor also holds a Ph.D. degree in the field of power electronics.

5th Lecture: Electrical Machine Design

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 Oleg Kudrjavtsev

 R&D Project Manager



Electrical machines play a significant role in the age of efficient utilization and production of electrical energy. This lecture will give You a comprehensive overview of electrical machine construction, design processes, and applications. You will know also why electrical machines are special from an engineering point of view.

The lector is Oleg Kudrjavtsev who is our R&D Project Manager. His daily responsibilities include R&D project planning, project execution, and follow-up, technical and organizational problem solving, consulting.

6th Lecture: Mechanical Engeneering

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 Terje Tammemäe

 Mechanical Engineer in ABB



This lecture will introduce how the transformation of customers´ needs into mechanically engineered products takes place, considering all the involved stakeholders and different constraints. 

Our lector Terje is working as a Mechanical Engineer within the Global Technology Centre for Packaging and Solutions. The main tasks which she is focused on are the design of solutions for eMobility and distribution substations for different segments such as utility and renewable. As a lecturer, She will bring her experience and vision of mechanical engineering from an R&D perspective.

7th Lecture: Validating the Designs

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Alexander Jerne


R&D Engineer



For this lecture we have our lector Alexander Jerne who is R&D Engineer. His daily tasks include validating the mechanical performance of electrical machines for various applications using FE analysis, Impact testing, and Vibration studies. With this lecture, he wants to give insight into how the industry makes sure products are truly as safe as they are designed to be for the desired lifespan.

8th Lecture: Industrial Engineering

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 Mihkel Must

 Operations Manager



Have you ever thought about the answers to the following questions: How to produce a product? What is production process design? How product volumes and variety affect production process design? Project? Jobbing? Batch production? Mass production? Continuous production? What process type to use? How much capacity should an operation plan have? What is the layout? What type of layout should an operation choose? Fixed position? Functional? Cell? Production line? What type of layout should an operation choose? If yes, come listen to this lecture and find out the answers!

Our lector is Mihkel Must, Operations Manager. His aim is to develop ABB production to have state of art operations.

9th Lecture: Production Management

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 Lauri Kalm

 Lead Production Line Manager in ABB Drives factory



In this lecture we talk about production management. It’s a key factor to a company’s profitability and value creation to customers. It requires understanding of the whole value chain of activities from raw materials to final product delivery. How to stay safe, within quality standards and deliver on time? How to stay productive while doing all this? With sophisticated orchestration this can be achieved.

Our lector is Lauri Kalm, who is Production Line Manager in our Drives factory (and also coordinator of this awesome Masterclass project). His daily job consists of managing a ~130 person industrial frequency converter production line. Motivating the team, implementing change and keeping metrics (e.g related to safety, DPU, TPT, OTD, productivity and EBIT%, costs) in check are his main tasks.

Lauri: “Giving this lecture means everything to me (my grandfather was also a lecturer in the same school). Let’s try to reduce the gap between theoretical university knowledge and practical enterprise know-how!”

10th Lecture: Lean Six Sigma in Production

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 Kaarel Lahtvee

Quality and Continuous Improvement Manager in ABB Drives factory



In this lecture we talk about Lean Six Sigma. Lean Six Sigma is focusing on methods and concepts for performance improvement, systematic waste identification, and uncertainty (variation) reduction. The lecture will create a basic understanding of Lean Six Sigma, introduce some tools and show how they are used in practice.

Our today’s lector is Kaarel Lahtvee, who is Quality and Continuous Improvement Manager in our Drives factory. He is leading a team of world-class specialists, and they aim to develop production quality and productivity via innovative solutions. The team is designing processes, production lines, testers, supporting operations, and consulting other factories globally.

11th Lecture: Robotics in Production

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 Siim Savila

 Operations Manager in ABB Robotics & Discrete Automation business unit



This lecture is all about robots and their adventures in production. The topic of Robotics is widely discussed nowadays, but where do we stand regarding Industrial Robotics. This lecture will give an overview of the current market situation of industrial robots, their implementation, as well as the design of a robot cell. The lecture will not miss real-life examples.

Our today’s lecture is Siim Savila, Operations Manager in our Robotics & Discrete Automation business unit. He hopes to spark some interest in robotics in You, as it is an essential part of automation and offers great opportunities for students to be innovative.

12th Lecture: Reliability and Failure Analysis in Electronics

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Joonas Karu

Technical Product Manager

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Risto Rosin

Product Engineering, Quality and Reliability Manager



Why things fail? How to make products fail and fix the weak points before the products reach the customer? Risto Rosin (Product Engineering, Quality and Reliability Manager) and Joonas Karu (Technical Product Manager) have the answers and are actually pretty excited to share them with you!

13th Lecture: Industrial Digitalization

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Leho Kuusk

Process Automation Local Division Manager in ABB



Luckily we have something very special for you for our last lecture - Industrial Digitalization with Leho Kuusk, who is Process Automation Local Division Manager and is absolutely the best one to talk about this topic and the best one to learn from!

Leho: “Through the lecture series, it is possible to share real customers' and processes' need with young talents learning to become engineers.”



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