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EEX5010: New Product Development and Implementation in Production

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Have you wondered how new product development (NPD) and its implementation (NPI) in the area of industrial technology production looks like? Now you have the chance to attend a lecture series that is called to life in collaboration between ABB and TalTech to introduce this topic.

Engineering Masterclass is an open course for everyone, but only TalTech students will be able to earn EAP's from it. Students of TalTech will be able to register themselves to the course via ÕIS platform. Course code: EEX5010. Students of TalTech have an access to the lecture materials via Moodle. Ask for the registration key from lectors and once in Moodle, also do not forget to sign up for the visit to ABB.

Lectures take place in Energeetikamaja (room: NRG-226) on Tuesdays at 4pm in TalTech (Ehitajate tee 5). 

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New Product Development Systems

First lecture will be an introduction to the lecture series: the purpose and the methods. What is new Product Development and how it works on a system level? What are the key principles to ensure the flow in product development?

Lauri KuusistoLector: Lauri Kuusisto, R&D Manager

I support people to develop their skills and help them towards the role what they are pursuing for. I ensure people’s well-being from technical competence to the tools they are using, from working atmosphere to their next career possibilities. Motivated people create better products and solutions for our customers.

Biggest achievement I would say is building an international Engineering team from scratch in Dubai to serve the Gulf region’s customers.

Voice of Customer

Lecture has three main focuses, first ascertaining client's expectations and to adapt the approach of the company to the client's expectations. Then introducing the main metrics to be used in measuring customer satisfaction. Last, but not least, how client feedback is handled in ABB Way.

Kaarel VariksaarLector: Kaarel Variksaar, Sales and Service Manager, Estonia

My biggest accomplishment in ABB would be compact substations factory's reorganizing together with the local team. It was followed by increasing the business and customer satisfaction.

Project Management

Nowadays, you see the job title „Project Manager“ everywhere. It goes from someone who schedules classes to people building new factories on another continent… In this lecture, we will talk about what Project Managers really do in the field of R&D and Engineered to Order businesses. What do they actually do? What are the key success factors? What kind of skill a Project Manager actually needs? And more… 

Sebastien MigeotteLector: Sebastien Migeotte, Project Management & Sales Support Manager

In my opinion, the Project Management Office has a key role in the organizations. By their nature, they oversee the entire value chain and help identify bottlenecks. In my daily work, my main focus is to create the organization and atmosphere for the team to thrive. By empowering the team and helping them grow, we are able to achieve the best results for both the customers and the company.

If I need to pick my career highlight, I’d choose the creation of 2 Project Management Offices in 2 different factories from scratch to world-class performance, improving greatly overall operation performance and profitability.

Lilli HamariCo-lector: Lilli Hamari, Project Management Office Manager

As a project office manager I do my best to create an environment for project managers to excel in their work by supporting them in daily questions and with their long-term targets. Project manager’s main task is to make project plan, budget, and make sure that the project complies to customer requirement. Communication with customer and all project stakeholders is definitely one key element in project management. Due to the fact that every project and every customer is different, there is never a similar day in the project management office!

My career highlight was to manage a project that was the largest delivery of low voltage switch-gears to pulp and paper industry in Finland. The project was a success regardless of being very complex from every perspective.



Software Development

The lecture is about the embedded software development in the modern industry. It introduces the software development processes, tools, practices and workflow on the example of the ABB.

Viktor BeldjajevLector: Viktor Beldjajev, Global Product Owner

My biggest achievement in ABB is giving contribution to development of the drives development, that has strong impact globally to the better world.

What global product owner does? I have global responsibility for the development of the new generation drives for various applications. I particularly am responsible for regenerative and Ultra low harmonic drives software development and requirements management, as well as the product releases to the market.


Electrical Machine Design

Electrical machines play a significant role in the age of efficient utilization and production of electrical energy.  

The lecture will give a comprehensive overview about electrical machine construction, design processes and applications.

You will know also why electrical machines are special from engineering point of view.

OlegLector: Oleg Kudrjavtsev, Senior R&D engineer

I am a lead engineer for wind generators in Electrical Machines Factory and my job is to create the cost effective and high efficiency generators for different applications.

Validating the Designs

You've designed something, but you're not sure how it works in reality? Come see how the experts are testing the designs. Last but not least, come listen how to actually use FEM! 

Lauri ErmLector: Lauri Erm, Engineering Manager

My biggest accomplishment in Compact Secondary Substation factory is building up the design engineering department. 

Alexander JerneCo-lector: Alexander Jerne, Mechanical Design Engineer

My biggest achievement in ABB would be being a part of the team that tackled the biggest design problem faced by the factory in 2017/2018.

I make sure our designs our safe and durable, while avoiding the need to manufacture expensive physical prototypes.

Industrial Engineering

Have you ever thought about the answers to following questions: How to produce a product? What is production process design? How product volumes and variety affect production process design? Project? Jobbing? Batch production? Mass production? Continuous production? What process type to use? How much capacity should an operation plan to have? What is layout? What type of layout should an operation choose? Fixed position ? Functional? Cell? Production line? What type of layout should an operation choose? If yes, come listen this lecture and find out the answers. 

Mihkel MustLector: Mihkel Must, Quality and Production Development Manager

If to name a few achievements I am especially proud of they would be managing a number of new product ramp-up, product transfer and production improvement projects. Also, managing production life-cycle change in Finland with implementation of 4 new production lines and assembly robot. 

My aim is to develop ABB production to have state of art operations. We are not just producing the products, we create value for our customers. Continuous improvement of our processes - seeking perfection in quality, make operations LEAN, create flow and solve issues systematically.


Production Management

Production management is key factor to customer satisfaction and company’s profitability. It requires understanding of the whole value chain of activities from raw materials to final product delivery to customer. With sophisticated orchestration both can be achieved.

Anni TampereLector: Anni Tampere, Production Manager

In 2017 I faced my greatest challenge of having to lead  production ramp up of a product which was still in development phase in R&D.  Sales team was doing a great job in finding customers, however R&D was still developing the product and production team was in early learning phase of how to manufacture the product. Our team managed to improve the efficiency dramatically and fulfill all orders on time and on quality despite the tight schedule and constant changes. We learned the true essence of being agile!

I like to believe that my biggest achievement is still to come!

Lean Six Sigma in Production

Lean Six Sigma is focusing on methods and concepts for performance improvement, systematic waste identification and uncertainty (variation) reduction. The lecture will create basic understanding of Lean Six Sigma, introduce some tools and show how they are used in practice.

Kaarel LahtveeLector: Kaarel Lahtvee, Manufacturing Engineering Team Leader

I work as a change agent and problem solver. I have managed many Continuous Improvement projects and made several new product introductions in the factory.

The biggest challenge started in 2017 when Solar production unit moved to separate production facility. We needed to set up the whole production and at the same time come out with two new production lines concepts, while keeping the quality and delivery targets on excellent level.

Robotics in Production

Lecture is about the implementation of industrial robots and the design of robot station. Lecture will not miss the real life examples.

Silver KalveLector: Silver Kalve, Quotation Specialist

Nearly a decade in the company has provided me a unique experience with the portfolio – from high voltage to automation, from a fuse to a six-axis articulated robot.

My work enables customers to upgrade their production rate and employee satisfaction through smart automation solutions.

Reliability and Failure Analysis in Electronics

Why things fail? How to make products fail and fix the weak points before the products reach to customer.

Risto RosinLector: Risto Rosin, Reliability Engineering Team Leader

I am an engineer whose biggest accomplishment in ABB is leading the world class reliablity testcenter. 

Thanks to my work frequency converters produced by ABB are more durable.

Joonas KaruCo-lector: Joonas Karu, Technical Product Manager

I am an engineer whose accomplishment is to have global responsibility of product produced in multiple manufacturing sites over the world.

Thanks to my work ABB has a competitive product in key markets and segments.          

Industrial Digitalization

In the lecture we touch the topics what is meant by digitalization of industry and how it has evolved. What are the possibilities and outputs of digitalization and how added value arises. Lector will also address the ABB experience of digitalisation, lessons learned and errors made, which could be avoided while starting with digitalization process.

Leho KuuskLector: Leho Kuusk

What I value the most of my job? Creating the best, most competent and motivated team, who is able to provide sophisticated solutions through combination of industrial automation and information technology.

Visit to a Product development Site and Production

The visit to ABB will consist of the introduction to the three main factories located in Jüri (Motors and Generators Factory, Drives Factory and Compact Secondary Substations Factory). The excursion will consist of checkpoint oriented tours.

Lauri KalmTour master: Lauri Kalm, Project Manager

I have lead a 2,7MW wind converter production ramp-up project in Estonia. In the year 2018, 200 of these frequency converter cabinets were shipped to the US with the correct delivery times.

I make ideas into reality via project management.

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