Creating value through innovation and partnerships

ABB has identified several key drivers and growth opportunities for our business. These include mitigation of climate change, the shift towards more renewables and increasing complexity of the electrical grid, the rise of emerging economies and their need for electrification, and the increasing digitalization and automation of industry.

ABB has a long heritage of technological innovation in renewable energy, efficient use of energy and sustainable transport. We are working to broaden the impact of clean technologies so that we can help our customers grow, while saving energy and resources, and lowering environmental impact.

Innovation is one of the pillars of ABB’s Next Level growth strategy, so research and development is a critical strategic resource for the Group. We maintain seven corporate research centers, employ some 8,500 researchers and developers in more than 30 countries and collaborate with more than 70 universities across the world. We also participate in innovative business partnerships, such as the development of new solutions for energy storage with BYD Co. Ltd., and contribute to global initiatives, such as the UN’s SE4ALL.

Alongside our Next Level growth strategy, we are also committed to increase our revenue from energy efficiency-related products, systems and services by 20 percent by 2020. Already, around 50 percent of our revenues are related to products and services in our energy efficiency portfolio.

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