Aiming for 20 percent improvement in energy efficiency by 2020

ABB's ongoing energy saving strategy aims to progressively increase the efficiency of our operations. Our target is to realize a 20 percent reduction in energy intensity between 2013 and 2020, measured as mega-watt hours of energy per million US dollars of sales. 

Our actions cover direct fuel consumption and the use of electricity and district heating for manufacturing processes and to operate buildings. All sites are required to develop energy reduction programs to contribute to the target, with our most energy-intensive sites required to undertake formal energy audits.

Many different types of energy savings projects are being implemented across the company, frequently achieving both environmental and cost savings goals at the same time. Energy efficiency activities include lighting upgrades, enhancing compressed air systems, optimizing heating, ventilation and cooling systems, investments in more efficient equipment, behavioral change programs and implementing or updating heat recuperation from our machines and processes, often using ABB's own technologies.

Increasingly, ABB businesses are choosing to implement certified ISO 50001 energy management systems to guide these activities.

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