Policies and programs optimize the performance of ABB's real estate

ABB’s corporate real estate management plays a key role in delivering our energy efficiency performance, and covers a global portfolio of 8.8 million square meters of building space. 

In 2008, we introduced The ABB Green Building Policy, which details requirements for the acquisition, development, refurbishment and management activities related to our real estate portfolio. Criteria include site selection, architectural design, choice of materials and the selection and management of rented space.

Additionally, ABB is now in the process of rolling out a corporate real estate energy efficiency program in Europe, based on the successful Green Corporate Real Estate Management (Green CREM) strategy developed by ABB in Germany.

Launched in 2007, the Green CREM system is an analytical tool that helps to evaluate data on emissions and utilities consumption at individual sites to identify possibilities for improvements and provides a standard method to assess implementation. Learning from the roll out in Europe, an eventual worldwide implementation of the Green CREM strategy will improve energy efficiency across our entire real estate portfolio.

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