Optimizing logistics and packaging saves costs and improves operations

ABB has multiple programs and projects in place which aim to minimize our logistics impacts, resulting in cost savings, improved quality and reduced emissions. 

The Transportation Management Center program aims to integrate all transportation needs within defined regions through unified operational processes. The program is now established in China, realizing sustainable logistics cost savings of more than 10 percent, along with the associated emission reductions. Implementations have already started in India and the feasibility of roll outs in other regions will be investigated.

A global packaging optimization project is now in operation at over 70 facilities, which systematically review their packaging needs in order to optimize packaging type, size and weight. Improved packaging helps to increase transport efficiency, reduces emissions, cuts material consumption, and provides better protection for our products.

We continuously work with our logistics suppliers to improve the quality and availability of emissions data from cross-border transportation and air and sea transportation of goods. This is aided by our Transportation Council, made up of regional and Group logistics managers, which informs and coordinates our transport and logistics strategy.

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