Reducing the carbon intensity of energy

Renewable energy technologies are a crucial part of achieving a secure and sustainable energy mix, together with energy efficiency and other low carbon options.

ABB is contributing to the development and deployment of renewables through product and service innovation and, at our facilities, through the purchase of electricity from renewable sources and the installation of on-site solar photovoltaic (PV) power plants.

Several ABB country organizations already purchase 100 percent of their electricity from certified renewable sources, while many other operations choose a proportion of their electricity as “green” energy.

PV power plants are installed at ABB sites across the globe, demonstrating our solar capabilities while also reducing our own environmental impacts. Although solar power meets only a small percentage of our global energy needs, these plants often play a key part in local energy strategies, designed as a reminder to employees and other stakeholders of ABB’s energy efficiency and low carbon commitments.

Many ABB operations also pursue low carbon transport options, providing incentives for the selection of energy-efficient, hybrid or electric fleet vehicles as well as subsidizing travel by public transport. 

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