Creating value through resource efficiency

ABB aspires to create value for our stakeholders by meeting the needs of our customers, employees and the communities where we undertake business. We contribute to eco-efficiency and environmental stewardship in the communities and countries where we operate. 

Our stakeholders have identified ABB’s efficient use of resources as a material issue Governments and customers in particular demand a responsible approach to our operations and we work diligently to optimize resources and minimize unnecessary waste.

Our Environment Policy and Sustainability Objectives 2014 – 2020 guide this work. We are committed to ensure regulatory compliance, reduce our use of natural resources, such as water, to combat waste and phase out hazardous substances.

Addressing these issues also contributes to our business success by reducing costs and risks, improving the work environment for our employees and helping to maintain our license to operate.

ABB strives to reduce our impact on local water resources. These efforts are aided by the deployment of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development’s Global Water Tool.

The main waste streams at ABB facilities are metal, oil and plastic used in our operations. Wood and cardboard from packaging materials and paper from office activities are also a consideration. We aim to optimize material use, increase the share of waste that is reused or recycled and reduce the absolute amount of waste sent for final disposal.

ABB continuously phases out hazardous substances in products and processes, where technically and economically feasible. We have compiled lists of prohibited and restricted substances to guide this process and update them regularly, in line with international regulations.

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