Activities in 2014

During the year, the ABB Sustainability Board reviewed the Group sustainability strategy and objectives and confirmed the proposed 2015 focus activities and performance metrics.

The Board agreed to include the safety metric ’hazard reporting’ in the Group-wide ’Relentless Execution’ dashboard – a panel of business-related metrics that will be reported regularly by all businesses in 2015. This is the first time a sustainabilityrelated metric has been included in a set of Group metrics.

The Sustainability Affairs organization was strengthened in order to focus activity on the constituent areas of Health, Safety and Environment, and to reflect the importance attached by the CEO and Executive Committee to safety improvement. Leaders have been appointed to drive Group activities in these three areas, working with our businesses and with the respective sustainability networks on improvement projects and initiatives, and reporting to the head of Sustainability Affairs.

As part of our continuing work to strengthen the capability of our sustainability network, more than 80 of the top sustainability leaders in ABB undertook 360 degree assessments during 2014. Results were shared with each participant during a one hour session with a 360 degree feedback coach, who assisted with analysis of results and identification of suitable development activities. Consolidated results are also being reviewed at Group level to identify any common development requirements.

To ensure that we have the right sustainability resources and structures in place to support our businesses with implementation of the Next Level strategy, we have kicked off a comprehensive workforce mapping and skills inventory. The results, available in the first half of 2015, will guide development programs and allocation of resources at different levels in our businesses.
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