Sustainability organization

ABB's Sustainability Board, comprising the Group Executive Committee, oversees sustainability policies and programs, reviews developments and monitors progress towards our targets on an annual basis.

The ABB Sustainability Affairs organization is responsible for the development and coordination of policies and programs covering health and safety, environment, corporate responsibility and security and crisis management. Sustainability Affairs reports directly to Executive Committee member Jean-Christophe Deslarzes.

A network of sustainability specialists worldwide reports to and supports the Sustainability Affairs management team. In countries where ABB entities have or could have significant sustainability impacts, we have appointed country sustainability controllers, country health and safety advisors and country security managers responsible for ABB’s sustainability management program and for gathering the data consolidated in this report.

All regions where ABB operates have region health and safety advisors and corporate security managers. The country and regional specialists are supported by local sustainability officers and health and safety advisors.

Overall, the sustainability network is supported by a team of some 950 employees, full-time and part-time, at headquarters and around the world.

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