Stakeholder engagement

ABB has a wide variety of stakeholders and engaging with them helps us understand their needs and supports our business.

In recent years many of our key stakeholders – customers, investors, suppliers, representatives of civil society and our employees – have been increasingly asking ABB about different aspects of our sustainability performance. This has helped us to understand their priorities as well as which areas of sustainability are material to business success.

Customers, for example, request information on many issues, from our health and safety record to our sourcing policies and compliance processes. Socially responsible investors and some mainstream investors regularly ask about social and environmental issues, and our ability to manage risks.

Representatives of civil society and the media also scrutinize ABB, monitoring how well we meet the high standards we set ourselves.

In recent years ABB has been carrying out surveys with stakeholders that impact our sustainability strategy and priorities as we go forward. Those consultations with both external and internal stakeholders were instrumental in developing the ABB Group Sustainability Objectives for 2014 - 2020.


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