High-performance electric drivetrain solutions for rail, industrial vehicles, transport and beyond

The electrification of rail, industrial vehicles and transportation plays a crucial role in addressing climate change. This is due to the significant impact of fossil-fuel-powered vehicles that are responsible for transporting people, goods, and raw materials.

ABB offers an extensive and adaptable product portfolio designed to create optimal electric drivetrain solutions for operators. These solutions cater to various segment types, power ranges, and geographic locations. Our aim is to facilitate the seamless transition of businesses towards more sustainable and economically efficient operations.

Each solution is meticulously customized to meet specific customer requirements and the operational conditions of the respective vehicle. This enables maximum energy efficiency, low carbon emissions and high reliability.

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Mobile e-Power

In the complex world of traction systems, maintaining operational efficiency and reliability is both a top priority and a significant business challenge. ABB's service portfolio for traction converters is meticulously designed to do just that – keep your equipment operating at peak efficiency on a 24/7 basis and maximize your return on investment throughout the entire life cycle.



1. Maximized equipment uptime

Our service solutions are geared towards maximizing equipment uptime, thus reducing any potential operational disruptions and associated costs.

2. Increased return on investment (ROI)

By keeping your equipment at peak efficiency and productivity levels, our services support you in achieving the maximum return on your investment.

3. Lower life cycle costs

As your service partner, we focus on ensuring continuous reliability of your operations and highest equipment uptime, which, in turn, leads to lower life cycle costs.

4. Proactive product life cycle management

Thanks to our close collaboration with ABB research and development teams, we offer the most advanced services and proactive product life cycle management, ensuring your operations remain future-proof at all times.

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Improving energy efficiency in heavy vehicles through electrification

Find out how electrification can improve the efficiency of heavy vehicles, and reduce their emissions and operating costs.



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