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Energy efficiency for the food and beverage industry

Efficiency is the name of the game for today’s food and beverage makers - in every process and in every resource. Being more productive while using less energy has never been a greater imperative.

Making every resource count.

The food and beverage industry today is under great pressure - from retailers and distribution networks with tremendous price-setting power, to consumers with high expectations for variety, value, and sustainable manufacturing.

From giant operations to niche producers, more and more food and beverage producers are looking at energy as part of their bottom line and an important part of their sustainability performance. And while energy is not always the largest cost, through energy efficiency measures it can be a controllable cost in an industry where every cent matters.

Integrated into your business priorities.

From conversion of raw ingredients to final packaging / bottling and palletizing, there are considerable opportunities to improve energy efficiency in many of the processes and activities needed to bring food and beverages to the market.

In addition to conserving energy and water, many of these also support production priorities such as productivity, quality and food safety while reducing waste.

Solutions for the food and beverage industry.

ABB combines 130 years of energy expertise with a broad portfolio of products, software and services to help food and beverage makers monitor and report on energy use, reduce energy use and losses, and manage equipment and processes more effectively.

These technologies are supported by ABB technology specialists, who can help you analyze and optimize electric and thermal energy use to deliver savings for your entire plant or a specific production area, as well as support systems.

Our energy efficiency offering for food and beverage