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ABB Axis

In today’s connected world, a successful organization improves its operating efficiency by leveraging the capabilities of its business partners and building mutually beneficial trading relationships. These relationships are strengthened through timely, accurate, automated and streamlined processes.

Collaborating electronically with customers, suppliers and contractors offers businesses a faster, more accurate and cost-effective way of sharing and exchanging information critical to optimizing operational performance.

ABB Axis is an enterprise cloud-delivered collaboration platform for exchanging supply chain, asset and work management data electronically between customers and their business partners. The Axis solution can integrate to any corporate business system and provides flexible options for business partners of all sizes to collaborate.

Key features:

  • Contractor Work Management solution for issuing work electronically to contractors and receiving work in progress, time & material usage and invoices in return
  • Supply Chain Procure-to-Pay solution for exchanging purchasing, shipment and invoice transactions electronically with suppliers
  • Electronic Catalog enables purchasers to browse and search for contracted goods and services in an intuitive user interface to create and process a shopping cart
  • Flexible connectivity options for business partners including B2B integration, web portals or email/fax gateway
  • Complete collaboration solution delivered from the cloud on a software-as-a-service platform

Key benefits:

  • Significant reduction in manual processing of purchase-to-pay transactions
  • Lower invoice mismatch rates and payment queries
  • Better visibility of contractor work status through real-time updates
  • Improved spend on contract through electronic catalog guided buying

ABB Axis is used to trade electronically with more than 20,000 trading partners globally

More than $20B of e-commerce is facilitated by ABB Axis every year

Each year, 100M transactions are processed through ABB Axis
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