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Commercial Energy Operations

ABB Enterprise Software offers a complete solution to support the various time horizons for managing energy operations. Our package can be purchased by modules or integrated into a broader solution supporting:

  • Short-term to Real-time generation unit and commitment schedules. We can provide sub-hourly updates to the SCADA system to optimize a portfolio of physical assets and commercial contracts. This system also supports bidding into markets and providing buy or sell price signals to your trading group
  • Mid-term to long-term planning and risk management. We are able to stochastically simulate your portfolio of assets and contracts to support hedging, generation investment analysis and structured energy contracts
  • Market communication and settlement. We have a complete package to communicate your market bids, receive rewards, and provide shadow settlements with energy markets.
  • Trading and Risk Management- we support power and fuel trading to support front, middle, and back office trading functions.
  • Portfolio Reporting and Analysis—see your portfolio positions, trading positions, power prices or any other aspect of your business with our Portfolio Reporting system

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