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Demand Response Management System

DRMS enables the program design, planning, optimization, dispatch, measurement & verification, and settlement of distributed and demand side resources. Demand response program participants and distributed generation assets are aggregated into Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) for capacity forecasting, dispatch optimization, and energy or ancillary service market participation. Resources can be dispatched to address supply shortages, reduce energy imbalances, take advantage of profit opportunities, minimize peak transmission fees or for fine-grained, surgical relief of overloaded network resources.

Key Features

  • Demand Response program management
  • Distributed generation and demand response capacity forecasting
  • Virtual Power Plant (VPP) optimization and dispatch
  • DR measurement and verification (M&V)

Key Benefits

  • Management and dispatch of multiple DR programs including direct load control and voluntary pricing programs
  • Optimization and dispatch of complex portfolios including traditional and renewable distributed generation, storage, and curtailable load
  • Fine grained forecasts and dispatch of distributed energy resources to support transmission and distribution grid load relief

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