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Market Power

Energy market intelligence and price forecasting

Market Power is a complete market price forecasting system that forecasts energy market and capacity market prices, enabling organizations to maximize profits from market-based investment decisions.

Market Power provides valuable information on the dynamics of the marketplace through its ability to determine the affects of transmission congestion, fuel costs, generator availability, and load growth on market prices. It easily and quickly delivers the hourly forecasts of mid- to long-term electric market prices needed for critical and timely decision-making. This best-in-class solution provides users the option to perform either a dual commodity (energy and capacity) or a single commodity (energy only) simulation.

Key Features

Market Power has the ability to forecast market capacity prices. The value of capacity, along with hourly energy prices, determines the profitability of existing generating units, as well as dictating the viability of new market entrants. The system makes decisions, based on a 12-month price/cost look-ahead, to determine the viability of replacing existing generation with new technology based on market drivers.

Market Power generates market price forecasts by utilizing:

  • Market-based supply forecasts to determine dynamic impact of demand/supply balance, analyze over/under supply markets and add economically justified resources in regions where future resources are unknown.
  • Distribution of market prices around fundamental uncertainties to determine capacity and energy market relationships as well as the understand risks of fuel price, demand, hydro, unit outages, and general economics on market prices.
  • Broad regional economic asset tradeoffs to view the breadth of market influences and geographical boundaries with accuracy for generation and transmission investments.

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