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Zonal Analysis

Energy market modeling, generation analysis and price forecasting

Market Analytics - Zonal Analysis is a comprehensive solution for fundamental market modeling, generation analysis and price forecasting for energy, ancillary services, and capacity markets globally on a zonal basis. It allows users to forecast electric wholesale prices by simulating the operation of individual generation units, utilities and control areas within a particular region while taking into account various system and operational constraints.

Market Analytics - Zonal Analysis is powered by PROSYM – the industry’s leading chronological simulation engine used by over 130 customers worldwide for over three decades. The highly flexible user interface on ABB’s EPM platform enables users to determine the granularity of the market to be analyzed – from ten minute to four hourly time periods, or from single control areas to entire continents.

Key Features

Market Analytics – Zonal Analysis is built on the ABB Energy Portfolio Management (EPM) Framework, providing a wide array of data and run management features designed to ease the workflow associated with managing vast amounts of regional electric market data. The interface allows users to manage data and conduct price evaluations at the zonal level, and manage the results of these investigations seamlessly through graphs and custom reporting.

Other key features include:

  • Accurately forecasting market prices for any period from one week to 40 years into the future.
  • Interpreting the key drivers that shape markets.
  • Inputting into decision support systems to achieve robust market forecasts.
  • Analyzing the effects of underlying market drivers such as fuel prices, plant outages, load uncertainty, hydro availability and emissions on resulting market prices.

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