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North American Simulation Ready Data

Simulation Ready Data is ABB’s unique, independent, subscription-based database for power markets. It contains a comprehensive database of power markets in the United States and Canada developed specifically for market analysis using ABB’s simulation models.

Simulation Ready Data includes all the necessary data to perform price forecasting anywhere in the NERC system, which covers the continental United States and most of Canada. The data includes:

  • Existing, under construction and planned generation with in-service dates
  • Generating unit retirements – announced and projected
  • Heat rate curves and startup requirements with fuel price forecasts
  • Emission release rates and allowance price forecasts
  • Monthly hydro generation by plant
  • Generation information such as capacity, ramp rates, outages, and O&M costs
  • Peak and energy forecasts with hourly load profiles for over 200 zones
  • Future prototype information with construction costs and financing parameters, as well as regional reserve margin requirements
  • Interface limits and tariffs for zonal transmission analysis

Additionally, for clients interested in nodal analysis, North American Simulation Ready Market Data also includes powerflow case data with bus mappings, trading hub definitions and flowgate limits, providing a robust tool for monitoring transmission constraints, performing asset valuation, forecasting LMPs and evaluating expansion projects.

Simulation Ready Data is developed from Velocity Suite, the industry’s most trusted source for data. Velocity Suite data is developed by a staff of over 40 professionals dedicated to market research, data analysis and mining.  Using this data, ABB Advisors experts then generate the ABB Power Reference Case, a 25-year zonal power price forecast, and develop the underlying dataset into ABB’s Simulation Ready Data product. The Simulation Ready Data benefits from use by the ABB Advisors expert team, who tailors the data to specific models and provides a feedback loop for data quality improvements from numerous calibration and consulting activities. The data is developed for ABB’s market simulation software that includes PROMOD, Market Power and Market Analytics, as well as the Eastern Interconnect for the GridView model.

State- and regional-level Simulation Ready Data for CPP compliance

State- and regional-level data are the critical elements required to effectively evaluate the cost and benefit impacts of compliance with the Clean Power Plan (CPP). The combination of ABB’s Simulation Ready Data and ABB’s modeling infrastructure provides clients with the ability to develop effective CPP compliance strategies through a detailed assessment of the relative costs and benefits under a variety of compliance scenarios.

This state- and regional-level data infrastructure can be provided in various model formats, including PROMOD/Planning & Risk, for detailed production impact assessments, and Strategist/System Optimizer/Midas, for long-term capital and rate impact assessments.

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