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Enterprise Software for transportation

ABB’s transportation solutions: Shaping and sustaining the future of digital railways 

Lately you’ve been hearing about how asset management is becoming top of mind for railway operators, but why? The fact is your assets do not fail simply because of their age. They fail because of their condition, their intensity of use and the type of usage.  Many factors go into poor asset utilization – including lack of integration and disconnected systems and processes.  But one thing is certain: When your assets are sub-optimized, you are at risk with your stakeholders – your passengers, your workforce, your management, and your entire ecosystem.

With visibility and connectivity powered by ABB’s transportation solutions, you can count on achieving the outcomes that are most vital to your business: safety, reliability, sustainability and long-term prosperity – all of which are critical to the future of our society in general.  ABB has the market’s most comprehensive suite of power, prescriptive asset management and inventory solutions. Every day our solutions are enabling railway operators to make faster, better-informed decisions in both daily operations and long-term planning strategies.

Some of the world’s largest railway operators rely on ABB solutions to minimize risks across their network, enhance operational and financial performance, and execute the right strategies for the future.  Our extensive solutions are driving a superior passenger experience, helping rail companies to develop the next level of asset transformation, rail sustainability, passenger and worker safety as well as power network management. ABB has been well established as the driver of digitalization in power and automation, and our deeply rooted technological innovation provides a proven foundation for the converging worlds of information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT).  

Our customers can attest to these significant benefits:

  • Superior information about network status, better system reliability and a vastly reduced probability of blackouts
  • Highly available network and robust carriage uptime to improve customer satisfaction
  • Adherence to the most stringent and changing regulatory requirements
  • Better stakeholder satisfaction and return: Improved workforce efficiency, maintenance and inventory cost and program management
  • Connected, configurable and powerful tools that work in the way that your teams need them to
  • Confidence from workers and passengers in a safe and sustainable rail network

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