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nMarket I-SEM

The scalable SaaS solution for operating in the new Irish wholesale electricity market.

nMarket is ABB’s tried and tested wholesale electricity market participation solution, relied upon by over 40 customers worldwide to take advantage of trading opportunities while staying compliant with market rules.

Full I-SEM market participation functionality

Regardless of the size of your company, nMarket covers all your I-SEM needs including bidding and settlements for the Day-ahead and Intraday markets supporting the Euphemia order types, Balancing Market participation including submission of Physical Notifications, Capacity Market reliability options settlements, and support for settling FTRs. nMarket I-SEM also automatically downloads all market reports published by the various I-SEM market operators, which our customers use to define bidding strategies that give them a competitive advantage.

Full-service offering

nMarket is provided as a cloud based Software-as-a-Service solution which includes: IT infrastructure, application management, backups, and disaster recovery – leaving you to focus on your day job instead of on running your IT landscape.

Always up-to-date solution

ABB proactively follows the market and participates in market meetings and consultations. When markets change, ABB takes care of designing, building and deploying market updates into your solution, so that you can be confident that you are always compliant and ready to participate. Market updates are included in the annual subscription cost giving you predictable annual costs regardless of the number of market updates.

Great usability and flexibility

nMarket has a user-friendly modern web based interface. Excel like interaction means that it requires very little training to get going, and the different ways of getting data in/out (manual, file import and APIs) allow you to make full use of nMarket as a system of record for all data related to your participation in the I-SEM market.

I-SEM reporting

nMarket’s configurable reporting and dashboarding module allows you to create reports using data from both the market as well as other systems. Real-time updates let you turn your data into actionable intelligence, pointing you to what you need to focus on next. As reports can be created by users in a matter of minutes you will no longer need expensive custom development to be able to see the data the way you need to.

ABB’s I-SEM solution comes with a dynamic, configurable reporting framework that allows you to produce dashboards and reports based on market data held in nMarket and when required to combine it with data held in other systems. The solution allows users to configure their own reports using the data that matters to them and to view it all in one place, regardless of the various IT systems in which it may reside. Our I-SEM customers use this module to turn their data into actionable intelligence. User defined reports and dashboards allow you to quickly pin-point the most relevant information about your market participation and use this to decide what you need to focus on next.

Pre-configured non-customized standard solution with easy implementation for full market participant scope

Brings Trading & Settlement Code compliance for Bidding & Settlements, with low-cost fast on-boarding project to meet market deadlines.

Bid Manager (nMarket add-on module)

The nMarket Bid Manager module allows you to create Bid/Offers and Physical Notifications for the various energy markets in I-SEM. Through configuring Strategies and Tactics, Bid Manager enables you to have different bidding approaches based not only on fundamental data but also adders and multipliers that allow you to change the bid prices computed. Bids can be reviewed and edited before being passed to nMarket for submission.

Credit Cover (nMarket add-on module)

The nMarket Credit Cover module allows you to monitor, view and project your financial collateral responsibility across the different markets. Credit management in I-SEM involves a large number of complex calculations and data items, each depending on factors such as the market, settlement currency, jurisdiction, calendars. Using the market data and where relevant settlement calculation results already present in nMarket, as well as additional nMarket data items specifically needed for credit management, nMarket Credit Cover allows you to systematically perform both credit cover monitoring as well as carry out projections to shed light on your future credit obligations and assess your past performance.

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