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Use FTR/ARR to Hedge Financial Risk and Enhance Power Market Models

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Extreme weather events, volatile fuel cost, generation and transmission outages etc., all of these factors can expose utilities (power producers and load serving entities) to substantial financial risks besides operation challenges. Independent System Operators (ISOs) designed and maintained ARR (Auction Revenue Rights) and FTR (Financial Transmission Rights) for market participant to hedge against transmission congestion risks.

This presentation will walk through the mechanism of ARR/FTRs, and the techniques of utilizing ARR/FTR to protect utilities or power marketers from financial risks and build robust business model.

Topics will include:

  • Timelines: Use FTR/ARR to hedge financial risk and enhance power market model
  • ARR and FTR concept and mechanism
  • The value of ARR and FTR and market conditions
  • The importance of financial hedging using FTR/ARR
  • How to structure hedging strategies using PROMOD
  • Provide feedback: What type of analysis would help you to make important business decisions?


Yang Song, Ph.D.
Senior Consultant, Advisors
Enterprise Software

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