Conscious end-of-life services

Our chargers are produced with high-quality components and have a robust design. This means that it takes a while before a charger is really end-of-life. For most of the chargers it will be possible to have a second chance somewhere else in the world.

If in any case you are ending your service with your charger, or maybe are replacing it with a newer model, it is always possible to deliver the charger back to us. The return conditions are subject to negotiations.

In many cases, the charger is not end-of-life after returning it. ABB’s large network increases the opportunities to give the charger or its components a second life. Without a doubt it can be said that giving products another opportunity is environmentally and socially welcome.

In the few cases that a product is really end-of-life, ABB takes care for the environment by disposing the product according to the local laws for safe and conscious disposal.

After you have ordered (and used) any spare parts, it is possible to return the original parts to ABB. In most cases you will receive a refund. Ask your local service representative for the terms and conditions.

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