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Voltage control in distribution grids

When the share of distributed generation increases and the size of volatile loads increases the voltage control in distribution grids will call for new dynamical sources of reactive power. In order to improve the voltage control, FACTS controllers will be introduced in distribution grids.

Smart Grid means a higher demand on dynamic voltage control and FACTS offers solutions! 

In the distribution grid, FACTS controllers will be used to improve the voltage and increase stability. This leads to a higher grid capacity. The power factor will be close to unity at all larger loads. The system will be more fault ride through capability. New loads such as electrical vehicles, buses and electrical highways needs fACTS controllers to provide sufficient grid capacity and good power quality.

Reliability and efficiency of the Smart Grid will be improved by FACTS controllers.

  • Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS) including SVC, Series Capacitors and STATCOM for increased grid capacity and voltage control.
  • Series Capacitors for efficient transmission


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