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Frequently Asked Questions about summer jobs

What kind of summer jobs does ABB offer?

ABB offers summer jobs in various different positions both in production and in an office environment. You can choose on your application which areas you are most interested in.

When and how do I apply for a summer job?

You can apply for a summer job through our Laura online application system. The application period is from January until February.

I sent my application but haven’t heard anything. Did you receive my application?

After registering into our system you will receive your personal login details by email. You can use these to log into the system and change your information. You can also see whether or not you’ve sent us an application.


My contact details and/or CV have changed since I sent my application. How can I update my information?

You can update your information by logging into the system with the registration details you should have received by email.

I left a summer job application last year. Do I need to fill in a new application?

If you have applied previously using the Laura system then you don’t need to fill in all of your personal information but you do need to submit your application for this year’s summer job positions. You can do this by logging in to Laura. 

Do I have to be 18 to apply?

Yes. For safety reasons we don’t hire persons under 18 for summer job positions.

What is the period for summer jobs?

Mainly summer jobs are between May and September, depending on what the job is. 

I’m currently in the military and can start in July. Should I still apply?

For the most part summer jobs are between May and September and begin at the latest in early June. Summer trainees are hired to cover for our regular staff while they are on summer vacations, so usually starting in July would be too late. 

I’m currently on exchange in another country but I’m coming back to Finland for the summer. Can I still apply?

If you are returning to Finland early enough to start your summer trainee position’s introduction this shouldn’t be a problem. You should mention your situation in your application and discuss with your hiring manager during the recruitment process about practicalities concerning your situation.

I’m interested in working for ABB in another country. How do I apply?

Summer job recruitment is done individually in each country. If you are interested in working for example in Sweden, you need to apply in Sweden’s summer trainee application process. 

How many summer job positions do you have?

We hire summer trainees according to our needs which vary from year to year. Usually ABB hires around 800-1000 summer trainees annually around Finland. Most of our opportunities are in Helsinki and Vaasa where we also have our largest production facilities. We do also have some places in other locations where ABB is present (for example Lappeenranta, Oulu, Tampere, Turku). 

When will I be informed if I’ve been chosen or not?

You will be informed by the end of April. 

How can I make my application stand out?

The most important thing when doing your application is to make sure you tell us what you’re interested in and give an accurate description of your abilities. It’s always good to also try to write fluently and understandably. There is also an opportunity to leave us a short video of your self in the application system. Leaving us a video is a good way to stand out from the other applicants. 


Is it possible to get the manager’s contact details and call them directly?

Unfortunately we don’t give out this sort of information. If you have any questions you can contact us at rekrytointi(a)

My friend was already informed about the outcome of his/her application. When will I be informed?

Recruitment for a specific position is done by the team’s manager and different managers will make decisions about summer trainees at different times. Please be patient, once the recruitment decision has been made everyone will be informed. 

What do your summer trainees study?

ABB hires for the most part summer trainees from fields closest to our business. This includes university and university of applied sciences students and vocational students with a suitable background. The most common study programmes are electrical, automation, energy, mechanical, information and industrial engineering. We also have positions available for business/economics students and some places for students in other fields depending on the position. 

Can a first year student apply? How about someone in high school?

You can apply as a first year student. In previous years around 20% of our summer trainees have been first year students. You can also apply if you are in high school and over 18.

Can I continue working part-time after the summer?

We can’t promise you a position after the summer but if you are interested in continuing, you can mention this on your application. Many summer trainees continue working with us after the summer.  

I don’t have an occupational safety/forklift/hot work permit, should I still apply?

If you are going to be working in production your manager will make sure you get all the necessary training.