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Rewards and benefits

Consistent and fair

We care about the well-being of our personnel

We strive to be an attractive employer, offering the personnel a supportive and learning environment in developing business operations. As caring for our employees is important to us, we want to provide our personnel with benefits that motivate them and support their development, leisure activities, and occupational well-being. Regardless of your position or organization within ABB, we offer you motivating benefits that you can utilize in a variety of ways.

In order to retain our position as a global forerunner, we must embrace the principle of continuous development. In addition to making a wide education and training portfolio available to our personnel, we support their own educational and training initiatives. As a good balance between work and leisure promotes well-being, we want to provide extensive support for various hobbies.

Furthermore, we aim to bring our personnel closer to ABB by enabling them to participate in a variety of bonus and partnership programs. We reward our personnel for our success in business operations, their excellent performance, and their commitment to the company. We want to motivate both teams and individuals to perform well at work and to keep developing themselves and our operations.

The items mentioned above are just examples of our diverse personnel benefits. In addition to actual salary, they include other means of rewarding, which may be targeted at individuals or work communities, and which may be direct or indirect in nature.