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Why ABB?

Realize your potential with a world leader

With drive and a spirit of collaboration, there are no limits to what we can achieve together.

When you work at ABB, you have the opportunity to build a legacy as together we create a better world. To join us, you need intelligence, integrity, a global mindset and the desire to make a difference.

Work with a purpose

Whatever your role at ABB, you can be sure you are helping to create a better world. From building sustainable power plants in remote corners of the world, or improving safety for workers in automotive factories, to developing new technologies to combat pollution, the work we do touches the lives of millions.

Be global

We have brought together 110,000 people who collaborate across more than 100 countries around the world. We value diversity and believe that looking at challenges from many different perspectives is fundamental to our overall business success.

Challenge yourself

Will we win the race to reduce carbon emissions? Is DC finally going to beat AC? Will smart grids allow power generation to be more sustainable and reliable?

As ABB tackles some of the most challenging projects facing the world today, you will have the opportunity to challenge yourself, expand your horizons and grow in your professional career.

Be a technology pioneer

Oil extraction 3,000 meters underwater, heavy locomotive traction motors, electric vehicle chargers that deliver 100 kW in minutes – these are just some of the areas in which we are a leader.

In order for us to sustain our innovative edge, we need people who are at the forefront of their professions and have a passion for technology.

Take the lead, work together

We encourage leadership at all levels, empowering our employees to take initiative, bring in ideas and drive their careers. We not only expect our employees to take on responsibility proactively, but also to pool their talents to create something greater than any one could do alone.

Ultimately, we achieve more by taking the lead and working together.