A challenge that affects us all – marking UN World Food Day 2023

Water is life, however it is also a scarce commodity. To produce enough food to sustain the planet’s population, some 52.8 million gallons of water are required every second. This represents approximately 66 percent of the world’s total water consumption.

Water is therefore vital not just to quench our thirst, but to ensure that enough food can be produced to feed the world’s population – leaving no one behind.

Food and water go hand in hand – water is important for the production of raw materials, for cleaning of food produce and machinery, and as a fundamental ingredient.

ABB’s solutions help to power improvement and ensure the efficient use of water in food and beverage operations across the world.

We celebrate the UN World Food Day 2023.  Watch the video and find out how ABB solutions help to ensure food quality and safety, reliability of machinery, and improved sustainability through better water management.

Please learn more of ABB solutions for food and beverage here.

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