TOSA: Smart technology for cleaner urban mobility


ABB’s smart flash-charging technology lets cities reduce the ecological impact of their transit systems without affecting passenger capacity or journey times.

TOSA is the first fully electric, high-capacity, articulated bus to run without overhead lines. Our laser-guided flash-charging system connects to the bus in less than a second as it stops to onboard passengers. With the resultant boost in power, the bus can continue uninterrupted until the next charging point.


An additional charge of four to five minutes at the final terminus enables a full recharge without interrupting the bus’s schedule. Through optimal energy management, the system can save as much as 1,000 tons of carbon dioxide on a line covering 600,000 kilometers per year, and it offers cost savings of 30 percent compared to an equivalent diesel-transit system.

Free from overhead lines, TOSA makes for minimal aesthetic impact and offers route planners greater flexibility to adapt to traffic irregularities and construction.

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