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Open rack shunt banks QBank

Compact open rack banks for reactive power compensation

Shunt capacitor banks are primarily used to improve the power factor in the network. They also improve the voltage stability and reduce network losses. Improving the power factor also means a higher power transmission capability and increased control of the power flow.
ABB’s open rack capacitor bank QBank is available with internally fused, externally fused or fuseless capacitor units. The major advantage of QBank is the compact design, small footprint and easy maintenance.

Open rack reactive power compensation applications

Why ABB?
The open rack shunt banks QBank come with:

  • All types of fuse technologies: internally fused, externally fused and fuseless 
  • Compact design 
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Optimized solutions as per site requirements
Brief performance data
Internally Fused Bank
Externally Fused Bank
0.1 - 600 Mvar
0.1 - 600 Mvar
0.1 - 600 Mvar
1 -  765 kV
1 - 35 kV
35 - 765 kV
 Location  Outdoor/indoor
For other data please consult your nearest ABB agent. Local versions may have different specifications

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