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Energy Storage Inverters ESI-I- ESI-M - ESI-S

One stop solution for your energy storage needs and power quality problems

ABB's ESI range of inverters offers a complete package for your energy storage as well as power quality solution requirements. Charging and discharging the batteries with precision control is the key feature of our inverters.

ABB's ESI range of inverters is available for a wide range of power and battery voltage control.  It also works with all different technologies of storage battery systems making it an ideal solution for system integrators.

Why ABB?
Energy Storage Inverters ESI features include:

  • Controllable by a wide range of controllers
  • Suitable to work with a wide range of battery technology (Li-Ion, Na-S ...)
  • Can work with Super-caps and any similar electrical energy storage device
  • Power quality functionalities (load balancing, harmonic filtering, reactive power compensation)
  • Flexible communication platform
  • Small footprint to a compact design
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Modular design with redundancy functionality
  • Islanding mode
  • Black start
  • Individual power control (4-wire ESI-S)
Brief performance data
Model  ESI-I ESI-M  ESI-S 
Maximum power at 400VAC (3-phase)
Up to 315 kW in one unit
Up to 100 kW in one unit
Up to 85 kW in one unit
Battery voltage range V1: 585-830 VDC at 400 VAC
585-830 VDC at 400 VAC
585-830 VDC at 400 VAC (3-phase)
V2: 720-1200 VDC at 480 VAC
  120-830 VDC at 240 VAC (single-phase)
Connection method
3-phase/3-phase + neutral/single-phase
Inverter range
V1: 725 VDC (585 V – 830 V)
400 VAC (380 V – 415 V)
725 VDC (585 V – 830 V)
400 VAC (380 V – 415 V)
  V2: 850 VDC (720 V – 1200 V)
480 VAC (440 V – 480 V)
Please consult us for single-phase inverter power
Maximum 8 inverters can be combined. S-type: 4 inverters 
Master/master or master/slave arrangement 
Digital I/O
2 digital inputs/6 digital outputs (potential free) 
Alarm contact
1 NO/NC alarm contact (potential free) 
Using ESI-Manager GUI
Using Modbus RTU (optional) and Modbus TCP/IP interface 
Ethernet (RJ45) and USB ports provided
Using PQF-Link software (optional) 
> 97% at PNom 
Dynamic power control (P) and dynamic reactive power control (Q)
Islanding mode
Black start (optional)
Low Voltage Ride Through (LVRT)
Individual phase control 
Power quality features
Load balancing
Harmonic filtering
Reactive power compensation 
IEEE 1547 (certification under process)
EMC Immunity: 61000-6-2
EMC Emissions: 61000-6-4
UL-1741 (pending) 

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