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Metal enclosed capacitor banks SIKAP

Factory assembled fully insulated fixed bank

The SIKAP metal enclosed capacitor bank is a fully insulated and fixed reactive power compensation system. The enclosure covers the live parts and protects the bank from short circuit due to external cause, it also increases personal safety. 

The SIKAP bank is built with single phase capacitor units, mounted in hot dip galvanized steel racks.  The units are connected in series and parallel to achieve desired voltage and power ratings.

Fixed compensation in a wide range of installations, covering climate conditions between from -40°C to +40°C. 

Why ABB?
The capacitor bank SIKAP comes with:

  • Compact aluminum enclosure that covers all live parts 
  • ABB impregnated capacitors with long service life time and low losses
  • Supplied with unbalance current transformer as standard when YY-connected
  • Can be equipped with damping reactor if needed
  • No extra fencing required
Brief performance data
Voltage range 1 - 33 kV
Location Indoor or outdoor
Ambient temperature -10/45°C
Rated frequency 50 - 60 Hz
Insulation level

≤ 12 kV 20/60 kV BIL
12 kV 28/75 kV BIL
24 kV 50/125 kV BIL
33 kV 70/170 kV BIL

Enclosure Mesh enclosed/metal-enclosed
Metal enclosure CRCA thickness 1.6 mm
IP IP2x/IP4x/IP5x

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