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Power Factor correction solution CapCube

Medium voltage power factor correction for OEM’s

The CapCube solution successfully integrates an inrush PFC capacitor bank of up to 1 Mvar within a conventional UniSafe switchgear platform. This type of solution is ideal for medium voltage motor control centre (MCC) applications or any inrush PFC applications up to 12 kV.

OEMs with an established medium voltage air insulated switchgear (AIS) customer base will also benefit from the ad­ditional PFC solution with minimal effort and outlay.

The CapCube enables OEMs to expand their medium voltage product portfolio and offers customers a truly competitive product that combines a PFC unit with their existing switch­gear line up.

Why ABB?
ABB's medium-voltage CapCube stands for:

  • User-friendly power factor controller RVC or RVT
  • ABB capacitors designed for heavy-duty operation
  • Aluminum wounded and resin encapsulated inrush reactors
  • ABB contactors designed for heavy-duty capacitor switching
  • HRC fuses to protect against short circuits
Brief performance data


Rated voltage  3.6 - 7.2 - 12 kV
Frequency 50 or 60 Hz
Maximum reactive power 1000 kvar
Maximum number of steps 4
Reactor type Inrush
Power factor controller RVC or RVT
Vacuum contactor VSC-S
Lighting impulse withstand voltage  75 kV BIL
Power frequency withstand voltage - 50 Hz 28 kV
Location Indoor
Maximum altitude above sea level 1000 m
Configuration Switched, single or multistep

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