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Capacitors and filters


Urban energy storage system for Copenhagen

ABB solutions for integrating renewable and power quality.

Active harmonic filters principle

Describing a great solution to tough power quality problems caused by harmonic pollution, load imbalance and reactive power demand in low-voltage applications.

Enhancing power quality at Koja Container Terminal, Jakarta

ABB provided the Koja container terminal with a Dynacomp thyristor-switched capacitor bank that helps improve power quality of the electrical network at the port.

Power quality solutions from ABB

The quality of electrical power is an important topic now more than ever before. Watch this video to find out more about the consequences, causes and ABB’s solutions to poor power quality.

ABB improves power quality across Bulgarian rail network

ABB supplied the Bulgarian Railways with a dynamic reactive power compensation solution that helps improve power quality across the rail network.

Enhancing power quality

Sohar Aluminium in Oman is one of the world’s largest aluminium smelter facilities. It employs a customized power quality solution from ABB to ensure grid compliance and enhance energy efficiency in high and medium-voltage applications.

PQC-STATCON enhancing power quality

Explaining how PQC-STATCON can help car manufacturers to maintain voltage levels, improve power factor, enhance power quality, and improve overall plant efficiency.

Benefits of Deploying a Volt-VAr Management System

Discover why excessive Volt-Ampere reactive (VAr) power on a distribution network is inefficient and how the problem can be solved. In-depth 33 min workshop from APW in 2012.