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Non-conventional instrument transformers to enable GIS digital substations

Non-conventional instrument transformers (NCITs) and IEC61850-9-2 process bus

ABB’s NCITs for gas-insulated switchgear (GIS) use Rogowski coils to measure the current. The primary voltage is measured by capactive voltage sensors. The measured values are digitally processed by the secondary converters and sent to the merging unit, which provides the values according to IEC 61850-9-2 LE to protection, control and revenue metering equipment. The CP-MU merging unit was the world‘s first to be conformance certified by UCA International Users Group. With multiple Ethernet ports and connections to NCITs, it offers high flexibility to system design.  


  • Protection, measurement and metering for digital substations

Why ABB?

  • One combined multi-purpose electronic current transformer (ECT) and electronic voltage transformer (EVT) for protection, measurement and metering for all applications 
  • More compact than current transformer (CT) or voltage transformer (VT), hence reducing SF6 weight and the footprint of the GIS 
  • Secondary converter (sensor electronics) can be replaced during operation, with no calibration necessary 
  • No project specific dimensioning and manufacturing resulting in reduction in cost  
  • Higher availability of primary equipment and improved safety 

Brief performance data

GIS with NCIT CP04  CP14 CP3
Rated voltage [kV] up to 170  up to 300 up to 550
Rated short-duration power-frequency withstand voltage [kV] 325  460 740
Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage [kV] 750  1050 1675
Rated current  [A] 3800 4000 6300
Rated short-time withstand current [kA] 63  63 63
Accuracy class ECT 5TPE/0.2
5TPE/0.2 (0.2S) 5TPE/0.2 (0.2S)
Accuracy class EVT 3P/0.2 3P/0.2 3P/0.2
Number of Rogowski coils 1 or 2 
Number of capacitive voltage sensors 1 or 2 

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