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Hybrid Switchgear for 72.5 to 420 kilovolt (kV)


MFM installation for Rome

ABB’s compact substation technology MFM provides an optimum solution to address fragile ecology of Sabina National Park and ensure power supply to Rome.

PASS M0H installation in Switzerland

Thanks to ABB, the Swiss utility AXPO refurbished a HV switchyard in 4 days, instead of the 8 weeks needed to install equivalent air-insulated bays, while saving 70% of the switchyard footprint.

420 kV MFM for fast grid interconnections

Multi Functional Modules (MFM) cover a range of equipment for electrical installations, completely assembled and tested at the factory, easy to transport and install.

PASS M0S 420 kV for fast and easy installation

Demostration of the quick and easy rotation of insulators of a single phase 420 kV PASS module that enables fast and easy transportation and installation of the switchgear module.

MFM installation in Riyadh

ABB safeguards Saudi Arabia's power grid from sandstorms and solar radiations. MFM is the ideal solution for minimizing downtime in the event of an emergency shutdown in the power network.

PASS with Motor Drive 1.4

Motor drive 1.4 is a digitally controlled servomotor that drives the contacts of a circuit-breaker with the highest precision. It provides embedded self-monitoring and diagnostics for switchgear parameters.

ABB PASS hybrid switchgear 420 kV 3D virtual reality

Discover the advantages of the PASS 420 kV with the 3D virtual reality at Cigré 2014.

ABB solution for electrification of remote locations

Some remote communities around the world don’t have access to electricity even though there are HV overhead transmission lines close by.


Video series: Benefits with Hybrid Switchgear