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1100 kV Live Tank Breakers in Qingzhou, China

ABB's ultra-high voltage technology helps secure clean energy transmission from Inner Mongolia to Eastern China


The Jarud-Qingzhou link transmits power from Inner Mongolia to the growing Shandong region in Eastern China. For the DC to AC Qingzhou converter station in the Shandong province of Eastern China, ABB is supplying ultra-high voltage Live Tank Breakers (LTB).

As a global leader in switchgear technology, ABB’s 1100 kilovolt Live Tank Breakers are contributing to safeguard the first ultra-high voltage direct current transmission link in Northeast China. 
With an unparalleled track record of about a million high voltage circuit-breakers installations across the world, the LTBs in the Qingzhou substation in Shandong are the ideal solution for protecting the network to ensure reliable power supply and help to prevent power outages. 

The LTBs for this project are equipped with the latest generation of point-of-wave controllers, Switchsync PWC600, to ensure precise switching operations, eliminate harmful electrical transient and protect electrical equipment from failures.

Main data

Commissioning year 2018
Breaker type HPL1100B4
Rated voltage 1100 kV AC
Rated current 6250 A
Rated frequency 50 Hz
Short-circuit current 80 kA
Insulator type Polymeric 

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