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2022 webinar schedule by ABB Electrification

Over the last century, we have built an understanding of our customers’ businesses. That means we anticipate their unique needs and know the scientific, engineering and business reasons that underpin decisions. Join us now to learn how we incorporate this understanding into our solutions, solving specific challenges with greater efficacy!

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August - October 2022

Past webinar

Jan 27: PCS100 - innovative solution for sag & swell issues
Feb 10: Increasing the reliability of process equipment with electronic relay and control
Feb 24: PCS100 UPS-I: innovative low voltage industrial UPS for industrial loads
Mar 24: SureWave SFC: true static frequency converter
Mar 31: Taking asset management to the next level with SWICOM condition monitoring
Apr 14: Delivering consistent quality and performance with ABB motor starting solutions
Apr 21: HiPerGuard MV UPS: innovative medium voltage UPS
May 19: IS limiter: The world's fastest switching device for complex applications
May 25: PCS100 AVC: Innovative solution for sag & swell issues
Jun 9: Safe and reliable network for medium-voltage distribution outdoor application
Jun 23: PCS100 UPS-I: Innovative low voltage true industrial UPS
Jul 21: Power factor correction

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