Jeevitha E

Project Manager, Traction business line

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The project manager for one of MO India’s premium customers, she’s involved in new development projects, from the engineering phase to prototype development, testing, customer approval and until serialization of the same as regular product. In addition to this, she also plays a key role in pricing the product to ensure we get the order by being competitively priced but without letting go of the due profit. Meet Jeevitha E, Project Manager, Traction business line, who’s managing an exciting set of clients for Motion business.

Leading a team of 3 at present, Jeevitha takes charge of a role that requires her to pre-plan project requirements at least 9 months in advance. “The cycle for us is fairly long, and with clients like Indian Railways, one is required to anticipate and plan ahead. They may release their requirement anytime expecting a rather short turn around time, leaving hardly any room for excuses. “remarks Jeevitha. She has been managing Indian Railways from 2018, the year she re-joined ABB.

Within four months of re-joining ABB, Jeevitha was made accountable for end to end Projects Management for a key division- a rarity in any organization. This in fact, is a function of her proven track record and seamless handling of a pivotal project previously. She led the project for India’s first ever silicon carbide-based battery charger for rail application- a milestone for ABB India. The prototype for this product was designed in Italy, and Jeevitha was involved in the localization of this product, which she did within a short span of time, creating a milestone. 

Having started off with techno commercial roles, supporting projects at the back-end, Jeevitha is now leading projects. Was the progression organic? She says with pride, “I’d guess so. Even when I was supporting the backend operations, I knew there’s more I can do, I had a feeling I could front end these projects.” In her first stint with ABB, she had joined as an Engineer for Drives Service in 2006 and continued supporting projects till she moved on to a different city and a new organization. There too, she started off in the same role, moving laterally to the front-end role after 3 years.

ABB entrusted her with the responsibility to manage two pivotal projects, when she joined back, and she’s proved her mettle since then. “It’s an exciting place to be in, no two days are the same. I particularly like the whole process of being able to anticipate the exact requirements, draw out a full-fledged plan way in advance to ensure we are listing out the smallest of components to be sourced and within the budget”. The projects handled by her are completely different and that what makes her more excited.

As a student, she had a keen interest in studies as well as sports- volleyball and shotput being her favorites. She’s played at state level for both the sports. Engineering, as she says was a default career option, hence she didn’t have to think much.

A mother of two, Jeevitha has learnt to look at challenges straight in the eye. A friend and a former colleague happen to be her inspiration, who had managed both professional and personal life at a time when life wasn’t too convenient. “Now, we can avail of so much more. Life is convenient with the availability of professional day care set ups unlike a decade ago when parents didn’t have much of a choice if they both wanted to work. If you look at how far we’ve come in all these years, challenges will appear insignificant.”

An advocate for Diversity at workplace, she is keen to be a part of initiatives that encourage and inspire more women to look beyond limitations.

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