System 800xA v6.0 - new features, new possibilities

The next generation advanced DCS platform and collaboration environment from ABB redefines how plant equipment, systems and people work in a seamless environment. From in-built cybersecurity and the very latest in console technology that improves operator performance and overall productivity. Coupled with the Decathlon software that collects, stores & analyzes customer relevant data (Plant KPIs), customers get a robust foundation for decision making with a minimal risk of errors. The Collaborative Production Management suite from ABB offers advanced tools for product and process optimization aimed at extended equipment lifetime and improved energy efficiency with reduced downtime. ABB also helps create and deliver a unique control room environment for the specific needs of the customer, with human factors, productivity and operator effectiveness in focus.

Thursday, Nov. 5, Zoravar  10:30-13:00

What is new in DCS System 800xA version 6 release?
Manufacturing Execution Systems - MES
800xA Operator Effectiveness

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