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ABB has unmatched expertise in designing and building off-grid and grid-connected microgrids. These are small-scale power grids that integrate multiple distributed generation sources including conventional diesel and gas, and/or renewables such as solar photovoltaic (PV), wind, hydroelectric,  tidal and even thermal schemes like combined heat and power (CHP), together with energy storage.

Microgrids are ideal for bringing power to remote communities and facilities that might otherwise have to wait years or even decades for a grid connection. They are also excellent back-up power sources for grid-connected installations in places prone to power outages, and they help to improve grid resiliency and reliability, for instance during extreme weather events, but also when there are many distributed energy resources and a high-level of renewable penetration within the power grid.

ABB’s microgrid solutions provide the overall control to coordinate generation resources to meet the requirements of industrial, residential or consumer loads. 

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