Share and listing Information

ABB introduced a single-class of shares in 1999

The shares rank pari passu in all respects with each other including the entitlement to dividends

Share and listing information

Share details   
Par value (CHF) CHF 0.12
Vote per share  1
Trading lot (Sweden) 200 ABB Ltd shares (as of July 3, 2006)      
Number of issued shares 
(as of December 31, 2019)  
2'168'148'264 (includes treasury shares)
Number of outstanding shares 
(as of December 31, 2019)
2'133'557'036 (excludes treasury shares) 
Number of treasury shares
(as of December 31, 2019)  
Share class Registered (Switzerland) 
ISIN code ISIN code CH 001 222 171 6
Security types SIX Swiss Exchange registered shares (ABBN)
NASDAQ OMX registered shares (ABB)
NYSE American depository shares (ABB)
Stock exchange listing dates SIX Swiss Exchange, Zurich - June 28, 1999
NASDAQ OMX, Stockholm - June 22, 1999
NYSE, New York - April 6, 2001
Indices (weighting)
(as of December 31, 2018) 
SMI - Swiss Market Index (4,375%)
SPI - Swiss Performance Index (2,836%)
SLI - Swiss Leader Index (4,442%)  

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How can I purchase ABB shares?

You can purchase ABB shares through your bank or brokerage firm.

ABB does not currently have a direct stock purchase plan (DSPP) or a Dividend reinvestment program (DRIP).

What are the significant differences between ABB's corporate governance practices and New York Stock Exchange's listing standards?

Please read more on the significant differences on disclosure requirments of corporate governance practices.

What are the differences between Swedish and Swiss law in relation to minority shareholder rights applicable to ABB?

Please read more on the differences of minority shareholders rights applicable to ABB.