R&D Testing Engineer

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Terranuova Bracciolini, Arezzo, Italy
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Research and Development
Professionals ( > 2 years of work experience)

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For ABB EVI Business located in Terranuova Bracciolini, we are looking for an R&D Testing Engineer. In this role you will be responsible of the full verification and validation product design process as: performances validation, thermal verification, product standard compliance test, reliability test, Software and Hardware integration test, design margin verification.

Your responsibilities

  • Support the HW and SW platform on system integration test to verify the product specification compliance in according to the development plan from the project manager
  • The product specifications and design implementation
  • Complete list of the design validation reports to discuss with all the team involved in the development process and to confirm the product design based on the specifications
  • Be an expert on design experiment, testing set-up, electrical system expert (PES as Italian safety certification)
  • Operate on laboratory equipment such as: oscilloscope, datalogger, wattmeter, high power electronics loads and grid simulator
  • Operate on Software tools as: python script, C++, Matlab, Simulink, communication protocol analyzer (CAN BUS, Ethernet, cloud systems), labview
  • Be updated on big data trends, simulation and identification models, design of experiment, automatic and remote test execution
  • Your workflow will be part of ABB gate model development process where you need to coordinate your work with the entire development team
  • Collaborate with RnD Mechanics, DSP, HW, FW, project manager, operation (manufacturing, planning, sourcing, quality..) after sale where daily you review the project to meet the business case of the product.

Your background

  • A Master degree in electronic/electrical engineering with a background in laboratory testing of power electronic application to fit into our RnD global organization
  • At least 3-5 years of experience in a medium-high range company focus on products design and production as laboratory testing engineer
  • Knowledge of international business environments with a strong skills in products development from concept to mass production
  • Experience on product testing for high power applications connected to medium/low voltage grid for battery charging in the range of 10KW-1MW for electrical vehicles
  • Good knowledge on HW embedded Linux based is important both for microcontroller and power electronic connected systems
  • Knowledge on Electrical schematic of High power/High voltage applications is nice to have
  • You are a passionate hand-on person with a lot of flexibility and creativity to accept proactively the daily challenges to provide the best solution
  • A creative problem solving skill is your key success factor
  • You have to be comfortable in a Start-up mindset inserted in to a global strong company
  • Agility and capacity to change direction fast, is the recommended soft skill to drive the success of the
  • Team work skills will complete your profile.

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