We believe that the next generation of ships will be electric, digital and connected.

As the maritime industry moves towards new energy sources and autonomous operations, ABB’s technologies are redefining the future, bringing new levels of reliability, efficiency and sustainability to shipping.

Electrification, digitalization, connectivity, cloud computing and machine learning are all converging. Sensors are getting smaller, big data is getting bigger. Augmented reality and virtual reality are providing previously unattainable fields of use.

We believe that future-proof ships will be built on the foundation of electricity. The electrical backbone, integrated with automation and control systems, is already transforming the industry to truly collaborative and automated operations.

ABB has provided electric systems for vessels for more than 110 years. Today, well over 1,300 ships employ ABB’s electric system, and more than 900 vessels are connected to the ABB Ability™ Collaborative Operation Centers for remote support.

It is our role as a frontrunner to drive this transformation and equip the marine industry with electric, digital and connected solutions that maximize the full potential of vessels and enable a safe, efficient and sustainable ship operations.


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