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System pro E  control

Command and control your advanced technology

System pro E  control is ABB's range of metal structures for industrial automation and controlgear switchboards that conforms to several international standard such as the IEC 62208 and to the new IEC 61439-1-2. 
The structures IS2 are also seismic-proof according the IEEE Std 693 and tested against vibrations.
Their high mechanical performances, the sturdiness and the loading capacity are the market benchmark and allow installation on-board machines, in production lines, Motor Control center and in every typical 19" Rack applications
Furthermore, the new range of System pro E  control made in stainless steel AISI304 is perfect for outdoor and for environments where high level of hygiene is required.

Main benefits

  • The IS2 enclosures family offers the possibility to choose from pre-assembled structures and flat pack solution.
  • Wide range of sizes, versions and accessories to fulfill most requirements of the industrial sector.
  • Seismic proof and High mechanical performances to fulfill most harsh industrial application requirements.
  • Several approvals and certifications to international standards are available for the whole range.

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