E 290 / E 297 Latching and installation relays

Lighting up every application

E 290 and E 297 are the new latching and installation relays used to realize a simple, energy saving and efficient lighting control system, in all buildings which need the lights to be controlled. Their main function is to make possible the control of lights, air conditioning system switch and fans from more than two points without the need of difficult wiring cabling.

Main benefits

  • Energy saving, thanks to the consumption optimized’s coils
  • Easy installation thanks to the connection diagrams directly printed on the housing
  • Control more lamps: with the additional contact module you can control up to 4 lines with the same latching relay
  • Flexibility: all the accessories can be installed to the devices according to application’s need

Main Features  

  • VDE and EAC approvals
  • Wide range of coil voltages, for AC and DC applications
  • Noiseless switching
  • Long life time: 250.000 operations on mechanical endurance

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