DX1xx Expansion Modules
Expanding the I/Os of the UMC100

This modules provide additional digital inputs as well as relay outputs plus an analog output.
The inputs are easy configurable as alarm or warning inputs without programming, with configurable delay time and test message shown on the operator panel.
All I/Os are fully accessable  by control system and programmable logic.
Simple 2-wire-connection to UMC100 allows flexible mounting with up to 3 meter distance.
DX111 provides inputs for 24 V DC
DX122 provides inputs for 110 / 230 V AC


    Main benefits

    • All required I/Os in one box
    • Flexible mounting in the MCC

    Main features

    • 6 digital inputs 24 V DC or 120 / 230 V AC
    • 4 relay outputs
    • 1 analog output with configurable range 0…10 V, 0/4…20 mA
    • Simple 2 wire connection to UMC100

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