Adaptateurs Tina

Makes everything dynamic

The Tina devices adapt the dynamic safety circuit in Vital and Pluto to safety components with mechanical contacts, such as E-stops, switches and light beams/curtains with dual outputs.

Tina is available in several versions depending on the type of safety component that is connected to the Vital or Pluto circuit. Also available is a bypassing unit, connector blocks and a blind plug.

Main benefits
  • Easy adaptation of traditional two channel safety devices to the dynamic system
  • Fast connection with M12
  • Easier troubleshooting with LED and info signal
  • Less cabling and more information with connection blocks

Main features
  • Tina 2A/B, Tina 3A and Tina 7A for 2 contact devices
  • Tina 5A for bypassing
  • Tina 10 for OSSD outputs
  • Tina 6A for pressure sensitive devices
  • Connection blocks Tina 4A, Tina 8A, Tina 11A and Tina 12A


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